Friday, February 6, 2009

The Steroid Saga Hits Baltimore -- Again; Roundup

As if we didn't need any more from baseball and the involvement of the drug world, it looks like an individual from Baltimore may played a key role in the investigations during the past few years.

The Smoking Gun' website, in an extremely detailed and lengthy report site claims Baltimore area native Andrew Michael Bogdan -- a friend of former Orioles outfielder Larry Bigbie -- acted as key FBI informant that helped to nail Kirk Radomski (known as now an infamous drug suppiler to prominent MLB players).Basically, he decided to come clean about his involvement, only after he scored a deal to get out of his own mess.

There's also good article in the Baltimore Sun profiling Mr. Bodgan as well.

It's worth reading both pieces this morning, and although I consider this all ancient history, you cannot discount how prevalent drug use was or could still be today. The Baltimore organization was especially hard by drug use allegations, as highlighted notably by Rafael Palmiero, Jay Gibbons and David Segui; however, I don't think this case may come back and haunt the Orioles any more.

At this point, I think most people want to move on and enjoy baseball for what it is -- a game.

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