Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adam Jones Shines in Midsummer Classic; The Roundup...

Baltimore's own Adam Jones held his own with the plethora of All-Stars as he drove in the winning run to lead the American League over the National League, in yet another close Midsummer Classic, 4-3. He carried himself like a true pro on Tuesday, and although he didn't get a hit, he made quite the showing. Watching a little bit of the replay on, although the announcers -- Tim McCarver and Joe Buck -- didn't go too much into detail about Jones, they gave the young man his props.

The American League has won their 12th contest in a row, and Carl Crawford from Tampa Bay was chosen as the game's MVP after robbing Colorado's Brad Hawpe of a sure home run (which would put the NL in the lead) to center in the seventh inning of the game.

I don't know if Adam Jones or we fans should feel disrespected, but why was he not given an interview of some sort after the game? For some people who root for the Orioles, the All-Star game must have ever that much sweeter as 'Baltimore' was on the road uniform for the first time in nearly four decades. In addition, on the sports talk radio shows, his Facebook page, and on TV, he spoke about loving the city and having the name of it adorned on his chest -- which was nice to hear, whether it was a PR move, or straight from his heart.

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