Friday, July 24, 2009

Swept Away in NYC and the New Yankee Stadium

The Orioles so far have had a rough time of things on the road, and were swept by the New York Yankees in a three game series this week. Despite close games on Monday and Wednesday -- which included a hard fought comeback thanks to back-to-back homers by Adam Jones and Nick Markakis, they've flopped. Baltimore is 1-5 on the current road trip and they'll be heading into yet another tough place -- Boston -- this weekend.

Once again, the pitching has been a problem -- with exception of David Hernandez's start on Monday, Baltimore starters have had a tough time of things. Rich Hill got lit up on Tuesday, and Berken had a horrific first inning on Wednesday that culminated in two losses. Although the offense brought the Orioles back into games, the poor starts by the duo of Hill and Berken put Baltimore in a hole early, and facing a surging Yankee squad, it would be tough order to have come from behind.

Now one has to wonder about the status of both Hill and Berken who have both struggled. With the emergence of Chris Tillman in Triple-A and talk (which from what I see is pretty much a done deal) of he coming up to the majors during the Kansas City series next week, who goes?

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