Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Same Old Story & ESPN Profiles the Orioles...

There's really not much to say about last night, the Orioles were flat-out dominated by the Seattle Mariners and Jarrod Washburn, therefore, in the end lost 5-0 as they mustered only a single hit. Well, Brad Beregsen lost for the first time in a month, Baltimore was hamstrung, and it has been the same old story for the past few days, but Monday night was far, far, far worse.

In light of the struggles last night, ESPN has two nice pieces on the team -- one from Jerry Crasnick and the other from Baseball Prospectus -- centers on the young outfield and the arms (or as Dave Trembley has referred to as the 'calvary'.)

I don't know if the Orioles will ever find themselves in a World Series anytime soon, or if they'll be much less in the playoffs, but we've got an exciting team to watch for years to come.

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