Monday, July 6, 2009

A Wasted Weekend in Anaheim; The Halfway Point & Adam Jones

There's really not to talk a lot about the games this past weekend. Aside from David Hernandez's performance on Friday, the Orioles were nothing short of bad on the left coast against the Angels.

Baltimore should have won three out of the four games in the series, but instead only won one -- on Friday. The inability of our pitchers to go deep (notably, on Saturday and Sunday), poor defense (Saturday with the colossal Markakis/Roberts flyball), and the ghastly bullpen performances, one has to wonder if the swoon for the Orioles is already here.

Despite some strong play in the Interleague portion of the schedule, it is looking like the same old Orioles that we have come to know as the calendar has turned to July.

Obviously, contention for a playoff spot has been long out of the question; therefore, where do we go from here? Well, are we enthused for the second half, or are some of us waiting for football?

Are you all impressed with the season so far? Do you think the criticism of Roberts by some in the media and on the radio is fair? What deals do you think should be made? Does the rotation need to be revamped again? Finally, is Dave Trembley the man to lead Baltimore into the future, or he will be gone before the rebuilding project is done?

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