Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prince Fielder Wins The Derby; Adam Jones in STL

Brewers' First Baseman Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby last night in St. Louis by besting the Rangers' Nelson Cruz in the final round, 6-5. I'll say this year's event was kind of, um, lacking in excitement, as it didn't have the star power of year's past and sadly, despite Fielder's heroics, it was actually a tad boring. The National League had a formidable lineup with some of the premier first baseman and sluggers in the game -- the American League, um, not so much; however, Nelson Cruz can hit bombs with the best of them.

If you've never been to a Home Run Derby -- I have been to one every year since 2003 -- it's a slickly produced TV event with also a lot of dead time between breaks. It felt at times that a three hour event dragged on and became six; plus, sitting in the seating area, it can be kind of hard to see what's going on with the photographers, media, players and baseball officials around.

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