Friday, January 29, 2010

Hope, Potential and the Year Ahead

For fans of the Orioles, this time of the year serves as the most exciting.

Even though there have been no games played as of yet, hope truly springs eternal when you talk about the potential opportunities out there for Orioles. Now, everything is hypothetical and make for good chatter, but at this time of year, it's all just talk.

With the re-introduction of Miguel Tejada yesterday, it looks like the Orioles are certainly done with improving the offense and will certainly focus on the pitching -- especially a left handed arm (more likely a reliever).

Again, I guess the question most are asking is -- have the Orioles improved? I'll say this -- we all should be happy what the Orioles have done in terms of their acquistions so far, but the team does need more (but, in reality, one can only do so much).

With the exception of Gonzalez -- who has proven to be a decent releiver, at least in the National League -- the organization has Tejada, Garrett Atkins and Kevin Millwood for a season (if not less). After the 2010 season, more than likely, there may be even more turnover.

Right now, it looks the team is hoping to win more than they have done previously; however, the larger plan in place is to give the talent in the minors enough time to develop and improve before being promoted to the majors. Obviously, since the Orioles cannot go out and purchase every free agent out there like the Red Sox or Yankees, their plan is a prudent one.

Build from within and develop your own players. Plus, hope for the best.

While the pitching has been upgraded - somewhat - I still think the team needs to acquire another starter. Right now, it looks like the potential rotation out of camp will consist of Kevin Milwood, Jeremy Guthrie, Brad Bergesen, Brian Matusz and possibly Chris Tillman. However, if Tillman fails, who picks up the void? Hernandez, Berken, or perhaps another dark horse candidate? Do the Orioles go after someone else?

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