Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keeping Moves Close to the Vest & Michael Aubrey

Now that we are pretty much a month-plus away from Spring Training (mainly, pitchers and catchers showing up). Although the Orioles have improved -- somehwat -- it looks like some of the fans are growing restless at the lack of moves that have taken place after the New Year. It's safe to assume that Andy MacPhail and members of his staff are obviously not making most of their thoughts public, we should give them the benefit of the doubt -- for now.

We, as fans still have time before things kick off in Florida. However, there are a small group of fans still smarting that Adam LaRoche took a deal in Arizona and that the team has still not signed a 'slugger'. Of course, the Orioles probably need a huge bat considering they play in the AL East with the powerhouse Yankees, Red Sox and the competitive Rays.

It definitely looks as if the Orioles -- much like other teams in the sport -- are just laying in the weeds and waiting for the chips to fall into place. Most teams don't announce their moves ahead of time, unless they deal with Scott Boras, and maybe the O's are still looking for their big bat.

However, if Baltimore can't find their big bat, one must think Michael Aubrey will be perhaps a prominent part of the team.

Based on Aubrey's stats and the amount he played last year, he certainly wouldn't embarrass the Orioles, but then again he's not Mark Teixiera either. All things considered, perhaps he should given a chance to be an everyday player. Seriously, if you look at the other men left on the board, all have issues -- most of the injury variety.

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