Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Chatter on Potential Additions & Haiti

After seeing Adam LaRoche find himself in the Arizona desert thanks to the Diamondbacks, it looks like the Orioles are still trying to find their big bat; however, the names left on the board are't all that appealing. According to Roch's blog, the Orioles may be interested in attempting to sign Joe Crede, who recently played third base for Minnesota.

Crede is a power bat and can slug the ball -- when healthy. Considering he's only played 234 games in the past three years because of injuries, the Orioles might want to save their money. He was a promising player at one time for the White Sox, but Crede could never stay on the field because of continous back issues. He might be fine as a stop-gap for a season, but I'd be very wary of him playing more than 100 plus games if signed.

In addition, the Orioles are currently looking at Hank Blalock, who can too slug the ball, but is also trying to bounce back from injuries the past few seasons.

Then again, most would put Crede or Blalock above Ty Wigginton, or any of the other options -- aside from Josh Bell -- in the system right now.

Another name that keeps being thrown around is Miguel Tejada. I would be really surprised if he came back and put on a Baltimore uniform; however, I would not be surprised with anything that takes place in baseball anymore.

I don't know how I'd feel if Miguel was just a stop-gap player and someone who could be flipped mid-season, but he's not even remotely the same player he was when an Oriole that he is now. Then again, he's still productive as an everyday player to a certain extent.

Aside from being magically two years older now than he used to be, slower in the field, plus his power being all but sapped, his upside now is that he can still hit for average.

The question is would Andy MacPhail be willing to welcome him back?

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