Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mora, Holliday Signs with the Cards and Beltre

Former Oriole Melvin Mora may have work soon -- but not with the Orioles and he may have to wait until the market settles itself out. The Baltimore Sun reports that three teams - two in the NL, and one in the AL - have interest in Mora.

One would think the teamould perhaps re-sign him to a lesser deal and he serve as a backup. However, who knows what the relationship between Mora and the team might be considering some his blow-ups his decline, also friction with manager Dave Trembley last season.

Despite it all, Mora has been on a downward trend number-wise at the plate, but he was a solid defender at third and a solid member of the community.

It's too bad that he more than likely may not play for Baltimore again and perhaps both sides have moved on.


Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated/CNN believes that the Orioles are still in the hunt for Holliday despite reports to the contrary last week.

It is believed the Cardinals at one point offered a seven-year deal for Matt Holliday, and one league source pegged that bid at $16 million per year, making the proposal worth $112 million. But Holliday appears to be shooting for at least $18 million annually, the figure the Cubs paid Alfonso Soriano two years ago. Cardinals people are expressing faith they will be able to re-sign him. The Orioles have been in the bidding despite comments by their people downplaying their interest and involvement, as one person familiar with their situation says they are "laying in the weeds.''

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