Monday, January 11, 2010

More First Base Talk, The Outfield, Chapman

Well, as Fan Fest approaches us in the next few weeks, I'm still wondering who the Orioles will add as their first baseman, or better yet, their big bat. As noted this weekend, the talent left on the market for first baseman are relatively slim.

Aubrey Huff, who had an awesome 2008, but faded considerably in 2009 is heading to San Francisco for a one-year deal. I'd be curious to see how he does in the National League, but AT&T Park - where San Francisco plays their home games - isn't exactly a hitter's haven.

As for the Orioles, I'd figure that Adam LaRoche -- who incidently turned down a two-year, $17 million deal from the Giants -- would be the top candidate. With the market and economy as-is, the offer he turned down might have been the best one he'll recieve. There are a lot of fans are would be intrigued by him in a Baltimore uniform, and Roch from MASN says that the team still has interest in him.

According to, the Orioles are indeed interested in Carlos Delgado (along with the Mets). I've followed him for years and got to see him with the Mets, but despite his age, he might be a perfect bat for Baltimore. At this point, I don't know how well he moves in the field considering he's trying to come back from injury, but the power, left-handed stroke and experience might be good for a one-year deal with the Orioles.

In the end, I still expect LaRoche to find himself in an Oriole uniform before Spring Training.


It would be safe to assume that everyone will be watching the situation in the outfield. Right now, the Orioles have Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold (plus you could throw Luke Scott in there as well, but he should be the DH) competing for playing time. Common sense would dictate that Jones, Markakis will occupy the same positions they've had, while Reimold -- if presumably healthy -- will start in left. I'd think Pie would be the fourth outfielder and play when any of the regulars take a day off.

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