Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

- How ironic is this? Ardolis Chapman escapes Communist Cuba and signs with the "Reds".

- Mark MacGwire admits to using steroids, in other news cats like yarn, birds eat seeds and small bugs and dogs love smll pieces of American cheese

- It amazes me how many people I see wanted us to sign Vlad Guerrero. Please tell me how signing an injury prone guy with one foot in the baseball grave makes us any better. Same goes for Carlos Delgado if the reports of him "not moving well" in Puerto Rico are true.

- Who is willing to bet me five American Dollars that Adam LaRoche is in an Orioles uniform by February?

- Does anyone know specifically what upgrades/ changes have been made to the lower seating bowl of Camden Yards?

- I am always rather nonplussed around football season, but God I want to beat Indy. Playing the Colts just gets the Baltimore all riled up inside me.

- Fanfest is on January 23. Who is going? More importantly - which players will be there?

- Miguel Tejada reportedly will play ANY infield position in 2010, I don't think the Orioles will be calling.

- Erik Bedard is still floating around out there. The question floating around him is, as always, "when will he be ready?" The Orioles seem to think the answer is sooner rather than later.

- More on that; how amazing would it be to get Bedard BACK? Seriously, Bill Bavasi's name should live in infamy for a very long time.

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