Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Game for Guthrie Tonight

The Orioles will be playing the Yankees tonight and the game will be broadcast in beautiful FM radio on WJZ 105.7. A couple things to look for tonight:

- The new color commentary supplied by former Orioles Brady Anderson, Eddie Murray, Mike Boddicker and Ben McDonald. During various games this year each player will fill the color seat vacated by Buck Martinez and I am looking forward to hearing it.

- If Brian Roberts gets through tonight okay, he will get another start tomorrow. Tonight is big; if Brian can't go on the sixth this team will have problems early on.

- This is a big game for Guthrie. Jeremey has had a very rough spring and tonight he is going up against a lineup that pretty much amounts to the Yankees' A-squad. If Guthrie struggles again his leash will be, or at least should be, very short for the start of the year. Guthrie simply needs to have a solid start tonight a good one will make all of us breathe a little easier coming into the final week.

Tune in later tonight for a wrap-up.

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