Monday, March 1, 2010

The Schedule

As we head into the start of the season, ESPN's Buster Olney took a look at the early part of the schedule for every team in the American League. Well, guess who has the toughest start to the season -- yes, that's right: The Baltimore Orioles.

Here's a quick rundown from Olney:

Home/away: They are home for 15 of their first 35 games.
Games against teams that finished over .500 in 2009: 28 of the first 35. No kidding.
Meat-grinder stuff: From April 23 to May 5, the Orioles play four consecutive series -- 12 straight games -- against the Red Sox and Yankees.

This is not good at all. I looked at the schedule earlier, and I didn't realize how tough things would really by in the first six or seven weeks. Then again, the first 35 games alone for Baltimore could really make or break their season.

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