Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Spring So Far

Orioles Spring Training got off to a great start, but the Orioles have struggled recently. Losing skids in ST are not usually something to worry about but still it would be nice to see the Orioles winning games.

Players seem to be progressing well enough. As Anthony pointed out in his discussion of Josh Bell, the roster is largely set so all that really matters for this team is that everyone be healthy and at "game speed" by April. But even that has been a problem. Brian Roberts has yet to play in an exhibition game. Sidelined by a slight herniated disk in his back, and a bad reaction to medications for said back, Roberts' lack of playing time has led to a bit of consternation in Birdland.

The official line from the head office and Roberts himself is that the veteran second baseman will be ready for Opening Day but every day that Roberts is not in a game is a day of lost preparation. And Opening Day is fast approaching. Now, Brian is a veteran who takes very good care of himself and he arguably does not need the reps that a younger player would require but I for one will not be comfortable until I see him in the field diving for grounders. He has been doing everything else that a regular player would be doing, but we need to see Roberts in a game.

The Orioles have been losing recently, today's game against the Yankees had the same result. Jeremey Guthrie got hit around in the first inning today, as the Yankees batted around and collected three runs on their way to a 5-3 victory.

We need to remember that these games are practice and pitchers are working on specific things, the fielders making errors aren't the players we will be seeing in April and the pitchers giving up late leads will not be traveling north to Baltimore in three weeks. However after awhile these platitudes begin to ring hollow as even the most jaded statistician of a fan wants to see their team in the win column.

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