Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So, THAT happened...

The Orioles had a heck of a start to the exhibition season with a 12-2 whomping of the Rays.

Top prospect Josh Bell hit two homeruns, one from each side of the plate; Nick Markakis hit a homer, firstbase prospect Rhyne Hughes hit two; third base prospect Scott Moore hit one as well. The Orioles pitchers had a great day, Jeremy Guthrie was in top form and the only hiccups came with Safarte and Hernandez each giving up a run.

Miggy had his first game at third and it was a mixed bag. Tejada had an error on a ball that skirted under his glove as he attempted to catch the short hop. He made the first play that came to him however and he has plenty of time to get into gear at third.

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