Friday, March 19, 2010

A Disptach from Jury Duty

Here I sit, paying $5 for courthouse wireless in a fairly stuffy room on the second floor of the Clarence Mitchell Jr Courthouse in beautiful downtown Baltimore. At least I assume it is still a beautiful day outside, the few times they have let us out of our pen the sun has been shining and a gentle breeze blowing. But, why would anyone want to leave? Fifteen dollars and "Monster In-Law" on the TV?! The hell, you say! Sign me up! All kidding aside, Jury Duty is fairly mind numbing, but the facilities are nice and the building is pretty and I have the ability to sit and talk to you - my dear readers.

First order of business; Jeremy Guthrie. Jeremy, Duder, seriously you are caring us up here. Every Orioles fan worth his salt is willing to chalk up last year to a "down" year. Even the best pitchers have them. But Guthrie's performance thus far in Sarasota has been let's say less than awe inspiring. Guts' ERA isn't quite as high as the clouds - but King Kong is swatting at it whilst atop the *new* Legg Mason Building. Guthrie had a sever problem with homeruns last year. Guthrie gave up a league leading 35 dingers in '09 on his way to a league leading 17 losses. No one more than Guthrie himself wants to put a disastrous 2009 behind him and start fresh.

So far this Spring Guthrie looks like he is still trying to shake off the last vestiges of a bad dream. Guthrie has an ERA over nine and has given up three homers so far. Now, before you say it - yes I am well aware it is Spring Training. I am aware that these things mean nothing. but you are not going to sit there reading the words on your screen and tell me that Jeremy's rough start does not bother you just a little bit. You are not going to sit there and say that if Jeremey was mowing down every player he faced you wouldn't be completely jazzed.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Hi, my name is James - and I am slightly concerned by Spring Training statistics.

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