Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The impact of a new home

But first - swag anyone?

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is James Baker.

Five years ago I started a venture that brought me to the world of blogging and the Orioles internet community. Five years ago I started The Flock. It got me a little press and I sold roughly 250 shirts. Life was good, but the Orioles were not. The buzz faded, I bounced around the internet. I became a teacher, moved to Baltimore and life went on.

From time to time I would see one of my shirts around town, it would make me smile. From time to time I would wear one and usually people would immediately ask me: "Hey where did you get that?" And I would have to tell the whole story again. The next question would inevitably be: "Will you make them again?"

And that is something I pondered for awhile. I have almost done it a couple times since but it never felt like it was the right time. So, internet - I ask you this question: Is it time?

Tell me Orioles fans: Could you see yourself in something that looks a little like this?

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