Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Buck Bump

The Buck Bump, is it real - how long will it last? Before last night's win the Orioles lost two series in a row, two winnable series and Orioles fans everywhere began to consider the notion that the Buck Bump had passed and the Orioles would fall back into their old Pre-Buck (or P.B.) ways. Orioles fans can be a panicky bunch; after all 13 years of losing baseball will do that to you. Until the World Series parade starts on Pratt Street Orioles fans exist in a perpetual state of "waiting for the other shoe to drop". Let me be the first to say this O's fans: DON'T PANIC (notice the large friendly letters) the Orioles are still experiencing the influence of Buck Showalter and the bump is still in effect.

Despite dropping back-to-back series to the Rays and Mariners the key thing to remember is the Orioles have been playing very solid baseball. The Rays are simply a better team right now and the Mariners - well - frankly the M's got a little lucky. It is not everyday that Matt Tuiasosopo pretty much wins a game single-handed. I still don't know how he caught Matt Wieters' double the other night and I bet he doesn't either. That is baseball even when you are playing well sometimes you just don't get the breaks.

I stated a while ago here in this very blog that the real test of this team under Buck's tenure would be how they react to their first bit of trouble and last night I think they showed us. Brian Matusz was masterful against a very tough Rangers lineup and the Birds made easy work of the Texas Club shutting them out 4-0. It was just an excellent performance from everyone involved. The Orioles are simply playing better ball and that usually translates into more wins. Every once and awhile good ballclubs lose games they have no business losing, like the third game of the Mariners series, but so long as the play remains consistent there good teams tend to win more games than they lose.

Sitting here in the pressbox tonight, be sure to follow me on twitter (@hampden42) for live commentary and Q+A. this will be my third game of the season sitting with the rest of the press. I have to say everyone has been so very nice and welcoming to li'l ol' me. The Orioles are really going out of their way to open this experience up to the electronic media and I am thankful for the opportunity.

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