Friday, August 13, 2010

The Orioles keep rolling, but what looms ahead

The Orioles keep rolling along with a nice, steady series win in Cleveland. The Birds did lay a bit of an egg in the series finale, just an uninspired effort and the umps certainly did not help the Orioles out either as many close calls did not seem to go their way. But looking beyond one very winnable stinker the Orioles continue their revival and travel to St. Petersburg, Florida to take on the Rays who are in the heat of a pennant race.

The Orioles have already faced a first place team in the Chicago White Sox and they rose to that challenge very very well. The Orioles took three of four from that series and could have easily swept. Tampa however offers a different challenge; they have completely owned the Orioles this year winning seven of nine contests and most of them have not been close. But that was the old Orioles that was before the time of Showalter and this team is playing like a different team and people are noticing.

The Orioles have been featured much more prominantly on national sports shows recently and it has been POSITIVE for a refreshing change, and that is nice.

Orioles fans have grown rather accustomed to their team completely falling off the table around this time. The usual collapse is more or less the culmination of factors. A traditionally weak farm system, injuries and a brutal September schedule combine to send the weaker Orioles into a tailspin and their fans wondering where to go next. This fall is no different, now hear this: Outside of four games against Detroit the Orioles will only play AL East teams in September. The Orioles will play roughly six games against each of their AL East rivals and here is a quick breakdown of their records:

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