Monday, August 2, 2010


Buck Showalter was announced as Orioles manager today.

The skies parted, the sun shone down from the heavens. the Warehouse was bathed in an ethereal glow of life-giving light. Suddenly, for just a moment, the world was at complete peace. Not a gun was fired, not a cannon shot. There was not a raised voice because if you listened just ever so carefully you may have heard a solitary angle singing a quite, respectful, hymn.

Or there was a press conference.

Yeah, there was a press conference. If you missed the big presser catch it all on MASN's website and really solid quotes from Brit and Roch.

What did I take away from today's events you ask? Honestly I'm not really sure. I have spoken on the Showalter enough: I think it is a great hire. I think Showalter brings instant credibility ... I've been over this. Nothing about today's presser changed my mind Showalter is obviously the guy you want in this situation. He is a proven leader and a proven franchise architect and the Twisted Pagan Baseball Gods know that the Orioles need all the help they can get.

Honestly, I am not really expecting drastic changes in the short-term I really don't know what some Orioles fans are expecting to find here. I think some fans have this idea that Showalter is going to go all "Bull Durham - Shower Scene" on the first day. Walk into the clubhouse with a Shatner-esque swagger and get things done. And for all I know, maybe that is the case. But don't be surprised when he doesn't go Earl Weaver on an Ump on the first bad call and don't lose faith when he doesn't seem to visibly dress down a player for not properly running out a fly ball or making a silly error. I think Buck understands that this is a job that needs to understand the long-view. Oh, I am sure that Buck will bust some heads from time to time that is the type of guy he is but I don't think it will be as visible or the reality will match the picture that some have built in their heads.

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