Saturday, August 7, 2010

O's Win 4th in a Row Thanks to Adam Jones' Walk-Off Hit in 11; Showalter Undefeated as O's Manager...

Last night, the Orioles continued their winning ways as Adam Jones' game-winning RBI-single in the tenth inning helped them beat the Chicago White Sox, 2-1.

Overall, it was a very well played game by the Orioles as Brad Bergesen pitched seven strong innings, only giving up a homer - a solo shot - to Gordon Beckham. The bullpen, mainly Koji Uehara and Alfredo Simon kept things in check, pitching scoreless innings.

Showalter also showed his presence to the umpires out on the field as he engaged with Jerry Crawford for a bit in the seventh inning. The two men debated over a supposed catch that White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin made in the seventh inning to rob Felix Pie of a hit.

Of course, Ozzie Guillen was none too pleased with Showalter's display...

Last month, the Orioles swept the Texas Rangers in four games, and while everyone thought that might have been the start of something new under Juan Samuel - it was not. However, this time around with Buck Showalter at the helm of the Baltimore Orioles, things might be different.

Not to give the lion's share of credit to Showalter, only after four games at the helm of the Orioles, but the players seem to be playing with a lot more urgency and perhaps accountability now. They are undefeated with him on the field right now.

Amazingly, Showalters's presence with the Orioles is also helping on the TV ratings front...

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