Friday, August 13, 2010

The Orioles Recent Run; Stuffage

The Orioles lost to the Indians, 4-1, last night; however, it’s been a very, very good run for the black and the orange during the past two weeks.

If anyone ever thought the Orioles would have an 8-2 stretch during the season considering everything that happened before Buck Showalter came along, they should play the lottery.

Despite the loss on Thursday, Kevin Millwood looked a lot better than he did in the past few starts this summer. Who knows if his improvement is based on Showalter’s influence, being re-energized, or just feeling better, but Millwood is finally pitching as most thought he would.

The offense finally got tied down, but it looks like with a healthy Roberts, a streaking Pie, and a lineup that finally seems to have it’s bearings in order.

During the Cleveland series, I was most impressed by Brad Bergesen’s effort on Wednesday. The kid threw a two-hitter, gave up one run and rewarded the Orioles’ faith in him. Much like Millwood, who knows if Beregesen’s run of late is because of his fear of losing his job, luck, or just regaining his confidence – that being said, he looks like the pitcher we saw during stretches last year.

If the Orioles continue their nice run and much less start to turn the tide within the next season or two, they’ll need youngsters like Bergesen to step up and compete.

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