Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Showalter Era Begins

As you all know out there in Birdland, the Orioles formally announced Buck Showalter as the 17th manager in team history on Monday.
Showalter said all the right things and also came off very well in the presser for the media yesterday. The fans are excited and hoping for change after 13 seasons, plus thinking that Showalter will light a fire under the players.

He’s got the experience, the nice lifetime record and respect throughout baseball – we know that. From what I’ve read, heard and seen so far, it looks like Buck – for all his faults – is a very good leader and someone everyone will respect.

Maybe Buck restores the Orioles back to prominence in Major League Baseball, or maybe like every manager since 1998, he may fall on his face.

Showalter also did a very classy thing – he will don the number 26 in honor of the late Johnny Oates who he considers a ‘friend and mentor”. Furthermore, it looks as if he’ll make his home in Baltimore and do his best to change the culture within the organization.

It was all wonderful on Monday amongst Oriole fans on the radio, on the web, blogs and wherever else; however, we’ll all head back to reality as the 32-73 Baltimore squad continue a sad season against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Camden Yards later on today.

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