Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Orioles Fan Fest Quick Thoughts and Pictures...

The Baltimore Orioles 2011 FanFest is in the books. I'll have my thoughts later on, and so will James; however, I am going to let the pictures from this year's event tell the story.

Despite the snow on the ground and the cold, it was so nice to see baseball back in the region -- if only for short time. It's been a long day, but fun as always to see this event take place in the dead of winter -- especially a miserable one so far.

This year, I pretty much caught all the forums, walked around and met up with old friends, acquaintances and chatted with some media members along with team officials. For the most part, it was a chance for me to hang out, sight see and listen to opinions about baseball in Baltimore.

Of course, the big topic brought up over and over again among the panelists along with fans centered around a certain designated hitter still shockingly on the market...

Spring Training opens up in a little more than two weeks, and it seems everyone at FanFest is looking forward to what the upcoming season brings.

Optimism was the keyword this Saturday, and although the last thirteen season have resulted in losing, most believe that better days are ahead for the organization.

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