Saturday, January 15, 2011

The New Autograph Policy; Steelers/Ravens

While the snow is still on the ground here, I’m starting to feel the itch of baseball again as pitchers and catchers report to camp in only 29 days.

Good stuff.

I’d like the Orioles sign another pitcher and maybe a bat; alas, the pickings are slim out there on the market.

They have improved on paper, and I guess it’s better than the alternative.

Last night, a buddy of mine and I were talking about the upcoming Orioles Fan Fest two weeks from now. While both of us want to see what the team personnel, players and media think of the 2011 season, one particular issue was really eating away at my friend – the new autograph policy.

If you have not seen the information about the new autograph policy, Roch’s blog has all the details in a lengthy post…

Here’s the Fan Fest page from the website.

Well, I am all for this – to an extent.

While I think there’s no deal when it comes to paying a small amount to get someone’s John Hancock on a piece of memorabilia – especially when it comes to charity; however, it sounds like for each line and session you have to pay $15.

I understand raising money and crowd control, plus ensuring everyone who pays for an autograph gets one – but I think the policy change is a bit excessive.

I know my friend, who’s a big autograph and collectible buff when it comes to anything baseball – especially the Orioles, isn’t happy.

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