Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orioles Sign Kevin Gregg; Simon

The Orioles got a player they targeted from the opening of the free agent market.

Today, the team announced that they agreed to terms with reliever hander Kevin Gregg with a two-year, $10 million pact.

It’s good to see the Orioles making incremental improvements to their squad. Yes, they are definitely looking a lot better than they have been in the past decade-plus.

And we all know that the bullpen sorely needed to be upgraded, despite the improvements shown in the past two months of the season.

Right now, Koji Uehara looks to be the closer; however, Gregg wants the opportunity. Plus, he seems to be one hell of a competitor.

Well, wherever he ends up in the bullpen, it’s a definite plus.

It took a while, but a deal was completed.

Also, the story of Alfredo Simon and his alleged role in the shooting of two people – where one man has lost his life – is developing into a tragically sad story. A team official is expected to meet with Simon, and he is getting support with legal counsel from two former teammates – Miguel Tejada and Julio Lugo.

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