Saturday, August 13, 2011

About Last Night and Thoughts on Brian Roberts

Last night, the Orioles lost to the Tigers 5-4 in the first contest of their three-game series.

Despite two home runs from J.J. Hardy, amazing defense by several players, and nice relief outing by Troy Patton – who kept his team in the game -- the Orioles blew several chances to perhaps pull out a win.

A perfect example of that came in the latter portion of the game as Adam Jones was robbed of a home run by Detroit center-fielder Austin Jackson. Obviously, you can’t blame Jones at all far that, but it was that type of a game.

However, there was some news involving Brian Roberts and some off-the-field stuff on Friday. He announced that he was cancelling his annual ‘Brian’s Baseball Bash’, typically held in the summer.

Honestly, I don’t think many people even known what’s going on with him and there’s not much that I have heard from the team, media or otherwise. I can imagine whatever is going on with him isn’t good at all.

I’ll say this; several season ticket holders who I know that have attended the event multiple times were bummed, but understood Robert’s situation. However, some of the sentiment I’ve read online about the cancellation were far from charitable, and perhaps a bit over the top.

You can say what you want about him as a player, his injury history, the whole steroid thing, or whatever; however, I don’t think that Roberts wanted to hide from the world and not face the fans and media in cancelling the event.

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