Friday, August 12, 2011

James Baker: Losing got ya down?

I know that is true for me, so today I offer a soothing balm to remedy the sting of another loss. Lets all take a break from the gloom and doom, hop in the TARDISTARDIS and travel back to this day in that wild and wonderful year 1997.

Good morning everyone on the information super highway! I fired up my brand new 300mHz Pentium II today to bring you all digitized good news. Beginning tonight the OriolesOrioles will host Oakland in a quick two-game series after taking three of four from the A's in Oakland just last week. The Orioles have done very well against the A's this year winning seven of the nine meetings so far.

Tonight Scott Erickson will go be looking for his 14th win against a slightly struggling Carlos Reyes for the A's.

It is good to be an Orioles fan right now, kids. Camden Yards is celebrating her fifth birthday in style. The Orioles have not trailed in their division at any point so far this season and with their consistent play and 5.5-game lead over the Yankees, it does not appear that is likely to change.

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