Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guessing That Brian Roberts Will Not Be Back in 2011...

Over the past week, Brian Roberts has become a lightning rod for a group of fans. Obviously, he has been sidelined thanks to several concussions and recurring head issues.

Some people think Brian Roberts is stealing millions from the Baltimore Orioles for his lack of productivity for the past two years; furthermore, there’s a minority who have accused him of grand larceny despite being out due to injury.

Meanwhile, there’s a segment that feels sorry for him.

I’m definitely part of the latter. It sounds like his head and concussion issues are very serious and are impacting his quality of life.

It would be nice if Roberts could come back and play; however, after what we have seen with players in the NFL and NHL in the past several years, plus what doctors know now about concussions, the Orioles would be playing with fire if he suited up for them.

If you want to know the impact a concussion can have with an elite athlete involving an organization with great uncertainty, hop on Google and read up on the Pittsburgh Penguin’s Sidney Crosby.

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