Saturday, August 20, 2011

More of the Same on the Left Coast; The Draft

It was another game and another loss for the Orioles on Friday night on the West Coast against the Los Angeles Angels. They lost their third game in a row.

Once again, the starting pitching for Baltimore – this time, Jo-Jo Reyes – was rudderless and gave the opposing team an early lead before they even got back into it.

At this point, the Orioles are now 47-75 and just playing out the stretch in the final month or so.

I don’t want to say the season is lost – oh well, it may be – but, fans were hoping for improvement.

That has not happened.

It’s been frustrating to watch the Orioles just relive the same scenario – bad patching, poor hitting and just a lackluster squad – over and over. It’s going on 14 years of losing and I wonder what the off-season will bring.

Really, some baseball experts expected the Orioles to finish above the Blue Jays; however, for one reason or another, Toronto always seems to field a competitive team, and at 64-61, they are a pleasant surprise.

Much like the Orioles, the Jays have a bright future – but, they are trending in the right direction.

The Orioles are not.

They have endured quite a bit of injuries (Brian Roberts, Jake Arrieta, Jason Berken, J.J. Hardy, and the list goes on and on…); however, the young arms didn’t really take a step forward this season, there’s been a lot of inconsistency (especially, with the pitching), and there’s really no impact player in the minors to plug in case of an emergency.

The Jays have Brett Lawrie, who was promoted from the minors in the past few weeks and has paid immediate dividends.

Who do the Orioles have?

There’s not a player of note right now.

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