Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brian Matusz Returns

The long awaited return of Brian Matusz to the Orioles came Tuesday night. Many were intrigued at the prospect of what he could bring on the mound in his first major-league start since late June.

It’s been a long, frustrating season for him (and for us).

After his last minor league start, I was hopefully optimistic seeing what Matusz could do against the Oakland Athletics.

He was supposed to anchor a young rotation – along with Jeremy Guthrie – and help Baltimore perhaps inch close to the .500 mark; alas, everything as we all know went wrong for the young lefty and the team.

It would be safe to say that, while Matusz went over six innings, the results were mixed – at best. However, his outing was nothing short of mediocre as the Orioles lost to the Athletics, 8-4.

Matusz gave up six runs on the night and took the loss. While his stat line was not all that great, he looked good in particular spots and pitched three scoreless innings (from the fourth to the sixth and giving up four runs) before running into trouble. He left in the seven innings, allowing four runs, but got charged with two more as the bullpen allowed Oakland to add to their lead as they could not hold runners.

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