Monday, August 8, 2011

About Yesterday, Reynolds and Bell...

The Orioles lost on Sunday as they were defeated by pitcher Ricky Romero and the Toronto Blue Jays, 7-2.

Once again, Romero has his way with the Birds. In the end, basically Sunday's game was over during thefourth inning.

Alfredo Simon – perhaps the best Oriole starting pitcher in the last few weeks – was off as he went a little over five innings. He gave up six runs – four earned.

There was much not offense in the game, but when Mark Reynolds came to the plate … it was a different story.

Most of us know that Reynolds is your prototypical all-or-nothing guy, one who strikes out a ton, is a free swinger and either hits the ball a long way or sits on the bench.

However, on Sunday, he put on a power display that would have made even the most skeptical fan change their mind.

Well, at least for a day.

He hit two solo home runs, but his second of the afternoon (and his 26th of the year) was the one that got everyone’s attention.

The homer came in the seventh of Ricky Romero, who simply seemed to be cruising throughout the game.

You could tell off the sound of the bat that Reynolds’ swat was going to send the ball a long way; however, his homer – estimated at 450 feet – did not just go far, it ended up in the mezzanine (second deck) near the all-you-can-eat section in left field.

I can not recall any batter (and I attend a lot of games) even reaching that area. From what I read later on during the evening on Sunday, it was only the second homer to hit thLinkat area according to the Baltimore Sun (Red Hudler of the Angels did it … way back in 1995).

In an otherwise ho-hum game for the Orioles, seeing Reynolds kill the ball was cool to see. Ok, so … the Orioles still lost.

Speaking of Reynolds, he seems to be doing just fine at first base. He is obviously there because Chris Davis is hurt; however, after his play at third for the first four months of the season, he might as well stay at third. I’m just saying.

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