Monday, June 16, 2008

Bill Bavasi on the Unemployment Line...

Since you can't fire the players...

The Seattle Mariners decided to from GM Bill Bavasi this afternoon due to their lack of success in 2008 and having the worst record in baseball. Currently at 24-45, they are worst team in the sport, and after a sweep by the Washington Nationals changes were in order.

Although the Mariners won 88 games in 2007, and acquired Erik Bedard from the Orioles via trade and Carlos Silva, the deals have no translated into additional victories.

Considering that they were expected to contend, the writing was on the wall after two and a half months of ineptitude.

Again, I ask, do you think Mariners fans are happy with Jones and Sherrill in an Oriole uniform, along with three of their former prospects in the farm system?

I think not, and from the beginning I knew the Mariners gave way too much for Bedard.

Even the Seattle papers out there at the time said this deal would kill the team (ok, this has not so much done that -- it's the fact their high priced players can't hit, their pitching sucks, as does their 'pen)

Now Bavasi paid the price and Andy MacPhail has come off looking like a genius so far.

Um, John McLaren, you might want to start updating your resume...

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