Monday, June 16, 2008

O's Nearly Stage Another Comeback Against the Bucs...

If you weren't at the Yard yesterday -- much less this weekend -- you've missed some incredible baseball by out 2008 Orioles. Well, Sunday was nothing short of incredible, as the Baltimore Orioles nearly came back in an inexplicable fashion, but the Pirates knocked us out the 10th inning. In the end, Baltimore dropped the third game of the interleague series to Pittsburgh, 5-4.

For third consecutive game, Oriole Magic came alive again as Brian Roberts jacked a two-run opposite field home run off Matt Capps in the bottom of the ninth inning with two out. The usually reliable George Sherill came into the game in the tenth inning, but a RBI single by Adam LaRoche’s in the tenth drove in the winning run.

It was later revealed via Roch's blog that Sherill now has a case of "tired arm".

Despite the loss, the Orioles engineered yet an incredible comeback that no one could have foreseen; however, this season, anything is now possible.

However, in light of yesterday's near euphoria, there's one troubling thing that most fans noticed -- could Daniel Cabrera be regressing after perhaps having a breakthrough? After looking like a completely different pitcher in April and May, June has been a return to the Daniel of old -- inconsistent, lacking confidence and command.

A while back, it was discussed on the blog what would happen if Daniel lost a game and would he be able to come back and be effective? That question is now up in the air. Like I said before the season began, Daniel Cabrera may be the one ingredient that may help the Orioles in 2008 or break them. His poor starts have been somewhat overlooked by Baltimore's unexpected performance, but his last three starts have been troubling and his ERA has nearly climbed up a run since then.

Every good pitcher has a poor start every once a while, but most don't have three in a row.

I'll ask again nearly a month later -- do you think Daniel Cabrera could ever be a consistent pitcher at this level, or will we have to get used to his Jeckyll and Hyde performances?

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