Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Liz and Trachsel

Sometimes a second go of things in life is all that we need to figure out our dilemmas. Last year, Radhames Liz pitched both as in a starter and also in relief and looked not good in either. However, he looked raw and had a lot of promise, so after spending time down in the minors in '08, he was dispatched to Minnesota to see what he had.

Liz was good -- not great -- as he won his first major league by going 5 1/3 innings and giving up two runs. The Orioles won last night, 5-3 against the Twins.

The O's offense has his back as wunder-kid Adam Joneswent 2-for-3 with two runs and as well Kevin Millar and Melvin Mora each hit solo home runs for Baltimore. Furhtermore, Brian Roberts had a double, a triple and an RBI to emerge from a horrible slump. Meanwhile, George Sherill earned his 19th save.

The news might good for Liz; however, it might spell the end of Steve Trachsel if he doesn't manage to pull a rabbit out of a black hat.

For an insider's view about the Trachsel situation, read what Jeff Zrebiec had in the Sun this morning, as he answered a few fans' questions"

Brian, York, Pa.: How do you think this season will play out for Steve Trachsel? Will he still be on the roster, on another team or out of baseball at the end of the season?

Jeff Zrebiec: Brian, to be honest, I'm a little surprised Trachsel is still on the roster. I figured he'd go when Radhames Liz was summoned to the majors. I still think his stay on the roster may be short. The Orioles will need another bench player when they have to go to National League parks for interleague play later this month, and Trachsel figures to be the odd man out unless he's absolutely lights out as a long man over the next couple of weeks. As for Trachsel's future, it wouldn't surprise me if he retired if the Orioles let him go. I had a great talk with Steve during spring training and he said he was totally prepared to retire before the Orioles made him an offer this offseason and basically told him that he had a rotation spot. He said that he was content with his career and wanted to do the Little League thing with his kids and all that, and he wouldn't have come back unless he knew he would start somewhere. He has no interest in being in the minors. That tells me if he gets released by the Orioles, we may have seen the last of him.
Not that I need to add anymore to Jeff's response, but I think the Orioles might still have him on the roster out of respect, and as a mentor to the young guys. I honestly don't have the access to know what's going on, but I am assuming it's the case. Furthermore, the Orioles might be hanging onto him as a last resort if things start going haywire.

Nervertheless, I think his career in the majors is coming to end soon. Despite he not having the gifts of Roger Clemens, he's been nothing but professional and found success in the National League for two decades - which is something a lot of pitchers cannot say.

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