Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's About Damn Time! 'Baltimore' To Return To Road Jerseys

If this is true, the clamoring of the fans voices from WNST, Mike, and everyone else has been heard! Well, Rick Maese reports on the Sun website this morning that "Baltimore" will be returning to the road jerseys in 2009.

Ten straight years of losing, more than three decades of pining and now finally a big win. In fancy dancing script perhaps? Or maybe in bold block letters? Oh, we can fret the details later. What's important now is this: "Baltimore" is back.

Meaningless on paper, puzzling to outsiders, and indescribably important to those whose passions rise and fall with the Orioles. Thirty-six years after the hometown was erased from the chests of Orioles players, it is expected to return next year.

While we could sit here and moan about how long it took, about the years of needless hand-wringing and head-scratching, what's the point? The complaints aren't new, the arguments aren't fresh and the reason behind the sudden change isn't exactly clear. But who really cares?

Why it took so freaking long to come to this decision when is beyond me, but now is a good time than never to go make a change.

I'm more concerned about what the team does on the field; however, finally someone up in the imperial kingdom of Oriole-land has gotten some sense.

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