Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having Okajima’s Number; O’s Whoop on the Red Sox, 10-6

Last night, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox, 10-6, thanks to an amazing comeback in the latter innings, and big-time clutch pitching by the bullpen. Folks, the Orioles have stormed the party in the AL East and are making things interesting in a division that features the Evil Empire (Yankees) & Evil Empire 1A (Red Sox), along with the top heavy Jays and surging Rays.

Aubrey Huff went 4-for-5 with a pair of RBI and pretty much put the nail in the coffin for the Red Sox. Brian Roberts, Ramon Hernandez and Freddie Bynum also drove in two runs for the Orioles, who have won four of their last five. The big moment for the Orioles came in the seventh inning as Hideki Okajima, got hammered and took the loss he was charged with three run in 1/3 of an inning.

Daniel Cabrera was charged with seven hits and six runs over five innings with four walks, and has not looked as nearly dominant as he was in April-May. Is he slowing down, tied or reverting back to the form he had in 2008? It's too early to say, and he was looking fine until the fourth inning -- then the patient, and aggressive Red Sox lineup tattered him.

The beautiful thing about last night was the Oriole comeback. Unlike in previous years, when the Red Sox were ahead, O's fans might have turned off the TV -- however, now, it's unpredictable and when the bullpen holds down the opposing offense, Baltimore has a chance to win.

Yes, the Orioles don't have the best offense, but they are making the most of their opportunities, thus moments that took place in the 7th and 9th innings, separate the 2008 Orioles from teams of the past decade.

We're still a game over .500, and although we may not be considered one of the elite -- baseball is taking notice that things are changing with the Baltimore Orioles. We may not have the lure of the Red Sox or Yankees, but Baltimore is making a good run and hopefully we can start making other teams' lives miserable rather than being a doormat.

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