Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Fox Sports' Dayn Perry Just Incompetent & Misinformed?

Sometimes, I wonder how sportswriters come up with their material, and most of the time, I find them to be uber-fans like us, just that are blessed with a paid writing job and have the access the average fan doesn't.

Read this little piece by Fox Sports' Dayn Perry titled "Who's The Manager Is Next To Get The Axe", and wonder if he even bothered to read up on the Baltimore Orioles, or furthermore any team not named the Yankees or Red Sox in the AL East.

Dave Trembley, Orioles

Predicting what the Orioles will do is a fool's errand, but one would assume that the team's nominal successes in 2008 will spare Trembley. That the O's are hovering around .500 and not in last place speaks to Trembley's, well, adequacy. But things can change. Especially in Peter Angelos' Baltimore.

I guess despite the Orioles' nice run of late, it does not matter what they do -- some will never rid themselves of their thoughts about this team.

Did Dayn not bother to check the standings as of late -- the freaking Orioles are 37-34. I'm sure he and 99.5% of people, such as myself picked this team to be awful, but alas, Baltimore is winning.

Really, that deserves our manager (Trembley) to be on a short leash even though he's gotten more out of his players than anyone even expected?

Just dumb and a case of being grossly misinformed or being overly provincial.

Then again, Perry may be right on everyone else mentioned in the piece.


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