Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tim Lincecum

Being that the Orioles were out of town, I decided to head down to Nats' Park in Washington and catch the Giants this weekend where I saw Tim Lincecum on Friday night and Barry Zito on Sunday.

I got to speak with Lincecum on Sunday, and he's as nice as any athlete could be. The kid looks like he's a student at a local university -- however, seeing him on the mound, you'd not think a kid with his stature could be that proficient of a pitcher. Though he's got some strange herky-jerky delivery that one a fear that he might seriously injure himself on the mound -- it's effective and it's amazing to see.

Folks, the kid is special and could be a legend soon enough assuming he doesn't get injured or hit the proverbial wall. Watching in him in person interact with fans, sign for everyone who wanted and having me at well over 6'4" ask him questions and he answer them not like some spoiled brat, but a normal unassuming person has vaulted him into one of my favorite talents in the game.

If the Giants become competitive in the near future, Lincecum will become a household name all over the nation.

Here are some photos of him in action:

1 comment:

FrostKing said...

That amazing torque is how he throws so hard for such a small guy. Great young pitcher.

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