Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Mourning

The Orioles bullpen has been completely unreliable all season. After blowing two games in Boston, to allow the Orioles to fall to an absolutely unholy 2-16, heads need to roll.

Albers need to be gone, there has to be someone in the minor leagues that can come in and pitch for three innings. The Orioles have a wealth of starting pitching talent in the minors right now and some of that starting talent needs to be inserted into the bullpen. But that is not where it will end. Dave Trembley is probably not long for this season. And that is a crime.

Dave Trembley is not a great manager, but he is not a bad one. He is certainly not the reason for the team's struggles. A baseball manager is not like a football coach. Dave constructs a lineup and watches it go. He might call for a steal, or a hit and run. He might place players in the outfield, but largely he sits, watches and reacts. And it is the "react" that makes or breaks a major league manager. Because if the players play well he is a genius, if they play poorly he is an idiot. If the Orioles were 7-10 (A record they could EASILY have if the players played better) Dave's job would be safe and I would be writing about the crappy bullpen and the under-performing offense that, finally, seems to be turning a corner but no,

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