Friday, April 16, 2010

Orioles Lose Their 8th Straight, Now 1-10...

This season is so far tough to stomach. So much promise to start the year is down the drain.

Friday night, Baltimore lost to Oakland, 4-2, for their eighth loss in a row. Aside from Ty Wigginton's long two run homer in the fifth and Kevin Millwood keeping his team in the game on the mound despite a rough start, it was the same old story again - the offense couldn't get anything done.


The 1-thru-4 hitters only went 2-for-16 on the night ... and Nick Markakis had both of them.

Despite the lineup change - sans the performance of Nick Markakis and Ty Wigginton - nothing came of it.

As for the A's -- they got their offense going early, scoring once in the second and third innings, and twice in the fourth. That's all they needed.

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