Friday, April 2, 2010

What About Guthrie?

With only mere days heading into the 2010 season, I’m excited for baseball, but at the same time really concerned about one aspect of the team – the pitching.

Yes, it is Spring Traning, but aside from Kevin Millwood (as a proven commodity), and Maybe Brian Matusz, who knows what else we’ll see heading into the season?

Jeremy Guthrie has had his struggles this spring and this time around he cannot blame the World Baseball Classic or not having the ability to work with his coaches.

Well, Spring Training results for some don’t matter; however, for Guthrie, let’s hope his struggles in March aren’t a harbinger of things to come. Right now, he’s slotted as the number two starter and if he is anything this upcoming season like he was last year, it’s not going to be good for Baltimore.

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