Friday, April 16, 2010

What else is there to say?

I honestly don't know what to say anymore, because the Orioles play is just befuddling. These guys could not buy a break right now. Seriously, if there was a break-store the Baltimore Orioles would not be allowed to walk in, place five dollars American on the counter and state: "One break, please." And instead of receiving said break the moustachioed clerk will simply sneer and state "our kind" isn't welcome here before giving the Orioles the "bum's rush" out the door.

All whimsy aside this is simply ridiculous. I am only 27, I have vague memories of 1988 the now fabled and historic 0-21 start. In 1988 a team that included Cal Ripken Jr., Mike Boddicker, Scott McGregor and Eddie Murray started the major league baseball season and played 21 games before getting their first win. I don't "remember" 1988 game-by-game, I was only five, I remember feelings. I remember my Dad being angry, I remember it being easy to go to games. I remember a general sense of malaise and disgust (yes I did know what those things were in 1988 - shut up) but I have to imagine the games in 88 had to have looked a lot like this.

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