Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Orioles current situation...

Tonight the Orioles sit at 2-12 about to take the field against the Seattle Mariners hoping to force a rubber match for tomorrow. 2-12, never in my wildest, darkest, nightmares would I have thought to see the Orioles be 2-12 it just defies explanation. Everyone is just sitting, waiting, hoping to see the Orioles bats break out of their collective slumber. But how long can we wait?

It is getting rough in Baltimore.

I am, quite possibly, the biggest Orioles fan at my workplace. Normally this gets me little attention outside of opening day and maybe the odd mention. But with this, I have been asked no fewer than five times a day since the Orioles notched their fifth loss: "What is wrong with your boys?"

Listen people - I don't know! No one knows. They aren't hitting, the bullpen is spotty, last year's Rookie of the Year candidate just got busted back to the minors. Our closer, second-baseman, third-baseman and left-fielder are all injured. Half of the infield is out of position we aren't getting any bounces. No line drives are finding grass and every mistake the Orioles make immediately seems to result in nine runs.

Peter Schmuck wrote, only half joking, that the Orioles might be cursed. Whatever may be curisng them, I don't know. Perhaps there is some twisted supernatural cabal that is pulling the strings. What remedy do they require? How shall we give them satisfaction? Sacrifce? I nominate Ken Rosenthal. Perhaps we just need to make sure Ceranno gets a LIVE chicken for a change?

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