Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heading Towards Infamy: O's Lose Again, Fall to 2-14...

If the Orioles didn't have bad luck, then they would not have any whatsoever.

Last night - again - the Orioles lost to the Mariners, 4-1, to be only be swept in their series out West and to fall to 2-14. The season so far has become a road to nowhere and as it is now, forget about .500 -- there are some people who probably need to worry about keeping their jobs.

Baltimore manager Dave Trembley held a closed door meeting before the game and took his team to task; however, that did little good. I figure he should have done this all last week before the situation became absolutely heerendous.

I don't think anyone ever thought the Orioles would be 2-14 after 16 games, but someone should have stepped up earlier to rally the troops and right this ship.

Like I said yesterday, I see a team that's listless, has no plan or clue what to do at the plate, and at times lacks some serious fire. I mean seriously, by the time the Orioles come after playing in Boston, could they conceivably be 3-16? 2-17?

Moving on...

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