Thursday, February 24, 2011

B-Rob and His Neck...

Yesterday, it was revealed that Brian Roberts missed a day of camp due to a sore neckrevealed that Brian Roberts missed a day of camp due to a sore neck. He had some X-Rays done and no damage was revealed at all.

As a fan, I would say not to panic; however, Roberts has a had a history of back issues over the past few season. Then again, Roberts is just not some ordinary player on the Orioles -- he's the team's spark plug and leadoff hitter.

You remember how bad the Orioles were before Buck-Ball? Some of it could be atrributed to the lack of Roberts in the lineup.

As I see it right now, there's no one on the roster who may have the complete set of tools that Roberts has in his arsenal.

Roberts is *that* important to Baltimore. He's the table setter, a guy who can steal bases, rack up on doubles and shows an occasional bit of power.

The team, perhaps knowing Roberts' health issues knew to sign some in bring some veteran infielder as insurance; however, we all don't need to look up statistics to know if that Roberts ends up on the shelf for a long period of time, the Orioles are a far different team.

I'm sure the latest issue with Roberts may be no big deal. Let's hope it isn't.

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