Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evening out there, readers.

Hope everyone had a nice and happy weekend, wherever you are in the United States and around the world. Right now, I am in Florida -- Sarasota, to be exact -- for Orioles Spring Training 2010.

I spent all day Sunday driving from Maryland into Florida - about fourteen hours in total - and I'm excited to catch some live baseball, finally.

Obviously, I'm optimistic with the new-look Orioles and can't wait to see them in person this week. I've never been to Spring Training this early -- I always have tended to go much closer to the end of it.

This year, I decided to change the trend.

I thought about flying this time around; however, since I won't be home ffor nearly two weeks and the vehicle I drive regularly - a Jeep Grand Cherokee - would cost me anywhere from $60 dollars and up for a rental, it was far more cost effective for me to suffer driving through the South.

Actually, the drive was not bad at all. It was pretty clear sailing all the way down I-95, onto I-4 and then I-75.

After leaving the relative chill of the Mid-Alantic, it was quite a surprise driving through South Carolina and into Georgia, plus Florida seeing the temperature gauge in my car read 84 degrees throughout the trip. I remember it being somewhat cool in Sarasota last year (it got into the low 60's at night); however, it is a comfortable 75 degrees here heading into the late night.

Hopefully that's a great sign for things to come.

I'll be on vacation for two weeks, but I will spending the next four or so days catching the Orioles and hopefully getting some great content for the blog.

The games-that-don't-count against other major league teams start on Monday, as the black and orange face the Pittsburgh Pirates just up the road in Bradenton and then have their Spring Training home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday.

I'll definitely catch the Orioles' first two games, and perhaps also Wednesday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater; in addition, probably their second home game against the Twins on Thursday before I head south to Miami-Fort Lauderdale and then onto Puerto Rico for some rest and relaxation.

Of course, I'll try to get as many pictures of the action as I possibly can, plus express my thoughts about how the team looks and other things as well.

I also am looking forward to seeing the revamped Ed Smith Stadium. Last year, the new Spring Training home for the Orioles was a well-needed upgrade over Fort Lauderdale and the situation down there.

That being said, I'm excited to see what was done with the place, plus the new additions and any other surprises I may run into.

Finally, if there are some readers out there who would like to guest blog here, let me know. Feel free to shoot an email...

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