Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posts this week, it's been a long week dealing with work, travel and spending time with a loved one during hard times.

Anyhow, it looks things are almost in full swing at camp. Vladmir Guerrero has shown up and so far looks good; however, I am wondering if he'll keep his goatee or not. I would imagine not with the grooming policy - which I find a tad arcane -- but whatever.

So far, everyone down in Florida seems to be upbeat and ready for the new season. In a little less than two weeks, the-games-that-don't count will begin and we'll see how the new-look Orioles shape up.

In a little less two weeks, I'll be headed to Sarasota and will go on a four-day vacation to Puerto Rico thereafter. I'm just excited at this point to head somewhere very warm, kick back at the beach and watch some Spring Training baseball. Plus, I'll try to do other things down there and take pretty little pictures for you all.

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