Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expectations & A Movie...

About this time next week, barring any unforseen circumstances, I'll be in Florida next week doing a mini-baseball barnstorming tour and catch our beloved flighted ones get ready for a new season. The games-that-don't-count begin next week, but it only brings us that much closer to Opening Day.

As it is, most fans and the media are expecting the Orioles are expecting the team to win from 70 games to a few games over .500.

For most of us, anything over 81 wins would be glorious, considering the Orioles last had a wining season when Bill Clinton was President of the United States of America.

Of course, Buck Showalter thinks his team can do better.

His motivational device: a trip to the movies.

As a man well into this 30's, I thought the idea of showing a movie to a bunch of grown professional athletes -- especially ones who are mutli-millionaires many times over may be a tad silly.

In fact, I would think professional athletes would need little to no motivation to prepare themselves to ready for a 162 game season.

Well, I am glad a trip to the movies got members of the Orioles inspired for the upcoming season. There's no point thnking you can't compete and thinking failure is around the corner.

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